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Here you will finde our FAQ. If you are missing anytning you are welcome to contact us, Klick the button below for contact details.

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What is Sorbonite®?

Sorbonite® is a homogeneous lime-based material but which has a composition with, among other things, silicon which, when heated, has an elevated pH and thus the effective odor purification is obtained.

Can I replace activated carbon with Sorbonite®?

Yes – If there is loose carbon in the container for the application, it can in all probability be possible to replace the carbon with Sorbonite®.

How long does Sorbonite® last?

In our own tests, the purification effect is perceived to be 30-50% longer than with corresponding solutions with other materials. If a grease filter is present before Sorbonite®, the service life of the material will be longer.

What do I do with used Sorbonite®?

If it does not remove any odor and it is not possible to reactivate the filter, the pH is low and you can spread Sorbonite® on the lawn or in other places that need liming! If you are unsure, you can check the pH value of the material.

Can I reactivate Sorbonite®?

Yes – some reactivation can be achieved by burning the material at 200 degrees C for about 30 minutes.

Which odors does Sorbonite® remove?

Smells from wastewater, grease separators, kitchen fans, VOC etc.

Can I use Sorbonite® to purify drinking water or water for my pets?

Sorbonite® has a high pH, ​​which means that you should not purify water for living organisms. We advise against using Sorbonite® for water purification

How much Sorbonite® do I need?

If you replace activated carbon, you can take the corresponding amount of Sorbonite®. If you want to try new containers, you have to try out which volume works for the current odor that you want to remove.

How does the odor removal work with Sorbonite®?

Sorbonite® reacts with the moisture content of the air and then the purification process starts. If you want an immediate start of purification, you can pour some water on Sorbonite® to activate it faster. It will rust a little from the material but it is completely normal.

Can bacteria in the air be removed with Sorbonite®?

Yes – Sorbonite removes bacteria effectively, especially bacteria that do not tolerate alkaline environments. The ability decreases over time, so be sure to change the filter to get a more efficient cleaning.

How do I check the pH of Sorbonite®?

Take some Sorbonite® and put it in a glass of water. Lightly stir around Sorbonite® and the water in the glass and wait 1 minute. Then take a pH stick with an alkaline scale (7-14) (Available to buy on the internet or in stores) and check the pH of the water.

What is too high a pH for plants and animals?

Plants thrive normally in a pH of 6-7. Above pH 8.5 it starts to become dangerous for plants and animals.

What happens if the pH of Sorbonite® is higher than 8.5?

Usually nothing if you make sure to spread Sorbonite® over a large lawn or a large flowerbed so that the concentration decreases.

Claes Thilander


Welcome to us at Sorbeco! We help you improve air quality with Sorbonite®, which you can find information about on this page and on (Private customers). I see a very exciting future within Sorbonite®, which is a strong challenger to activated carbon used today in most valves and kitchen fans. We are ready to take on the challenge of replacing activated carbon with a product that is both efficient and can be used in an environmentally friendly way even after use because the material can be used by plants.

The fact that Sorbonite® effectively removes odors, has a long service life, can be used by plants and manufactured in Europe are strong arguments for Sorbonite®. According to the EU, we in the Union will become more self-sufficient in minerals and other raw materials - Sorbonite® is the European alternative. Contact us at