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Sorbonite® is the new material for separating odors from air using the chemical composition of that material where pH and surfaces are the main reason for the effective removal of odors. Sorbonite® is now SS-EN 13725/2006 certified and the report can be read on the above image on right side (below contact button in mobile).  Read more below on this page about Sorbonite®.

Sorbonite has been tested for reduction of bacteria and fungi – >99% reduction of bacteria. See report beside the text (below contact button on mobile).


  • Removes odor efficiently
  • Removes bacteria in air and in water
  • Has a long service life
  • Can be used as soil improvement after use
  • Produced in the EU

Contact us to hear more about our product or if you want to order a sample directly.

Are you as a company located outside Sweden and interested in Sorbonite for odor or bacteria control – contact via contact form.

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Sorbonite® has been developed for several years and is specially developed to remove unwanted odors from various sources. We have successfully managed to replace other materials that are intended to remove unwanted odors in kitchen fans (SS-EN13725/2006), grease traps and drain vents. The secret behind Sorbonite® is partly the material composition and a high pH, ​​where the combination kills the bacteria and removes the unwanted smell. When the smell starts to come back, well then the pH has probably dropped and it’s time to replace the material. Best of all, you can spread the material used on lawns and orchards.

Sorbonite® is a calcined rock material that is available in several different fractions. The standard fraction is 2-4 mm and 4-6 mm. Please contact us if you want to test other fractions.

Use Sorbonite® for both air purification and soil improvers!

Claes Thilander


Welcome to us at Sorbeco! We help you improve air quality with Sorbonite®, which you can find information about on this page and on (Private customers). I see a very exciting future within Sorbonite®, which is a strong challenger to activated carbon used today in most valves and kitchen fans. We are ready to take on the challenge of replacing activated carbon with a product that is both efficient and can be used in an environmentally friendly way even after use because the material can be used by plants.

The fact that Sorbonite® effectively removes odors, has a long service life, can be used by plants and manufactured in Europe are strong arguments for Sorbonite®. According to the EU, we in the Union will become more self-sufficient in minerals and other raw materials - Sorbonite® is the European alternative. Contact us at